Getting My Adventure On

This past weekend I had the chance to do a bunch of things I have never done before. I went to Family Forward’s Weekend Adventure and it was amazing. I have not had a lot of down time in the recent months and this was just what I needed.

We stayed that the Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort in beautiful houses (I may have pretended in my head that it was the Ponderosa from Survivor) Seriously the houses and the whole resort was amazing, the amount of things you can do there is astounding.

Throughout the weekend we also learned how to kick our video skills up a notch from Aaron and Rachel Coleman from Signing Time.  They were wonderful and so much fun to get to know. Between video classes we were able to go on the most amazing adventures. Before heading out for the first adventure activity I found out I would get the chance to go on a helicopter ride courtesy of Upper Limit Aviation and see Zion’s from above! Inside I was freaking out and tempted to say no but there was no way I could pass that up. It was insanely beautiful and surprisingly not scary at all. I was thankful for my friend  Janet who encouraged me to overcome my fears. I have to add that I totally felt  like 24’s Jack Bauer boarding that helicopter. (I think I watch too much TV)

adventure weekend2

I went horseback riding as well which was super interesting including the fact that my horse, Tweedledum had a mind of his own and decided to turn around and do his own thing. It totally freaked me out but honestly I enjoyed myself especially after I switched horses. On top of all that crazy amazing stuff I also hiked to a beautiful overlook of Checkerboard Mesa and went on an ATV ride. I seriously barely recognized myself. These things normally would have freaked me out too much to try!


adventure weekend

adventure weekend4

A few things I learned about myself this weekend are,

It is so worth it to push through your fears! it makes you stronger and makes you feel like you can accomplish anything.

There is nothing like being around a group of like minded sweet women to help you feel recharged and ready to take on anything.

Nothing soothes the soul like good food, The Dairy Council of Utah/Nevada was one of the sponsors and my oh my I loved the cheese! We also got to try some delicious new sauces and salsa from another sponsor Miracle Harvest  a division of Children’s Miracle Network. They are launching awesome products in grocery stores where all of the proceeds benefit the hospitals they serve.

I seriously could go on and on about how amazing this whole experience was! I have to thank Mom it Forward for all the hard work they put into this fabulous event. It was truly incredible.

While I know every day of my life won’t be helicopter rides and such, I learned from this experience that you never know when your going to get a chance of a lifetime.





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  • jyl from @momitforward May 23, 2014, 1:24 PM

    I love your “feel the fear and do it anyway” attitude, Carly! So awesome!

    We loved having you this weekend and I know I’ve told you a gajillion times, but your post-helicopter-ride pic is one of my favorites from the weekend because of the sheer joy on your face.

    Thanks for helping make this weekend such a success!

  • Nicole B May 23, 2014, 2:31 PM

    I love the pictures! It was such a fun weekend and I was so glad I got to hang out with you in real life. Hope to see you and all the fabulous Mom It Forward women again soon.

  • Ashlee May 23, 2014, 8:07 PM

    I loved driving down and up with you! It’s always fun spending time with you and I LOVE getting to know people even better through great experiences like this one! Can’t wait to see your future VIDEOS!

  • Evonne May 25, 2014, 9:37 PM

    This looked like so much fun, and I am only slightly jealous I didn’t go.

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