Why I love Reality TV Stars From Utah

It All started when I was in high school there was  a show called The Real world on MTV. Heard of it? Yeah I thought so. Probably one of the first reality TV shows ever, in my opinion. There was a cast member named Julie She was a student at BYU and was the same religion as me, Mormon (LDS). I was intrigued and got hooked on the show pretty quickly. My brother and I watched every episode and loved every minute.

Ever since then whenever there has been a Utahn on a reality TV show I have a hard time not watching. From Survivor, to American Idol to the Bachelor to the Biggest Loser. Utah has definitely had it’s fair share of Reality Stars I mean can you say David Archuleta???

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I also totally went to high school with Michelle from The Bachelor. yes that Michelle. Truth be told I did not know her at all.

It is probably strange that I  get super interested when I share the geographical location with a person on TV But I just can’t help it. I do watch Reality Shows when someone is not from my state as well. I just seem to get more sucked into it when they are. Maybe it is because I always  wonder if I will ever run into any of them in the mall or at the grocery store. I know that I would in a non stalking way of course run up to them and gush a little and insist on a picture.

Imagine my surprise while attending EVO this past July I was sitting across from this very cute, strangely familiar person. I knew her! But from where? I had to say something. The usual You look so familiar came out of my mouth. When she said in a very humble nice way. “Oh it’s probably because I was on the last season of The Biggest Loser.” I had only watched EVERY episode! I could not believe that I did not recognize Sarah in person! On this particular season of The Biggest Loser lets just say there was a plethora of Utahns. How could I not have known?

that was not my finest moment to say the least. At least I did snag a picture with her.

This season of Survivor is no exception for me. I am rooting for Dawn She is  from none other than UTAH. Yes I know she was voted off last episode but seriously people she is not out of the game and was only sent to redemption island, not totally off of the show. I have high hopes she can beat Ozzy in the challenge to get back on. I just hope it’s a balancing challenge, she rocks at those. Also after mentioning her on twitter a few weeks ago she tweeted me back! That was pure awesome!

Anyone else love it when their State is represented on TV? Or, is this strange obsession only had by me??

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  • Julie November 21, 2011, 10:32 AM

    I’m not really into reality tv. My family would probably disagree because I love biggest loser, But I have never seen an episode of American Idol or Survivor. My sister in law knows Dawn though, so she has me watching survivor this season. I have to text my SIL during the show to ask all sorts of questions that I don’t get because of never watching before. But I’m loving it and hoping Dawn gets back in the game.

  • Steph November 22, 2011, 10:55 AM

    Dawn is the Mom of one of Josh’s school friends. Cool huh? We root for her every week.

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