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I love to visit local businesses. There is nothing better than trying something unique and original. That is why I was so happy to attend a bloggers event sponsored by I heart Salt lake at the cookie bakery RubySnap. To say the cookies were good is a huge understatement. They were amazing and so different.

The ingredients used are fresh and from around the world. These cookies are just the right consistency and so delicious that I am dreaming of one right now.

I love how Rubysnap displays the cookies. Each cookie has an adorable name with a really cute vintage pinup girl photo representing the cookie. So you can put a face with a cookie so to speak.

Before I visited  RubySnap I was looking at their cute website with my girls. Shriek had so much fun reading the cookie flavors and telling me which one sounded the best. They all sound amazing!

I tried all the flavors. just so I could distinctly state my favorite (I am that dedicated). I could not narrow it down to just one but I loved the Lilly, Judy and the Ricki. The Lilly is a lemon sugar cookie with lemon heads and a lemon glaze. What is not to love about that?

I also loved listening to Tami the owner talk about her business. She was so inspiring. I really enjoyed how she talked about this being her Happiness project. She believes in what she does and loves how much joy her cookies bring to people.

Me and Tami, the owner of RubySnap

The best news is you don’t have to live in Utah to try Rubysnap cookies. Visit the online store that can ship baked cookies or the cookie dough to anywhere in the U.S Or Canada.

There is not many things in life that are better than mingling with other bloggers and eating a bunch of cookies so a big Thanks goes to I heart Salt Lake and RubySnap for such a fun night.

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  • Tamra Watson May 6, 2011, 2:52 PM

    I. LOVE. RubySnap!!! I discovered her cute little shop recently after I moved to Salt Lake City. I visited her bakery with a colleague and SAVORED every bite of my cookie then ate the other half of my colleagues :)

    What I love about RubySnap the best, is the owner. Tami has overcome many challenges since she opened shop, but still continues with a zest for life and a smile for her customers. I guess that’s what local is all about :)

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