Madsen Cycles

Madsen Cycles is a Utah based Company who have created an amazing new kind of bike! Check out their website for more info.

A few weeks ago NieNie was having a contest. Two adorable Madsen bucket bikes would be given away one to some one local (in Utah) and one to an out of stater. Well people I am Local or my husband would say I am LOCO but that is not the point, the point is I entered. You had to say why you wanted one so I did. It was short and sweet and from the moment I pushed send I pictured myself with this bike. I talked about it frequently. I would say to the umpire, if I won this bike I would do this or that, or can’t you just see me on that bike? The teasing began. he even drew me this picture during church when he should have been listening to the speakers none the less.

Come the next day I found out it was not meant to be, and actually I was not sad at all. NieNie announced who won and the family that won was much more deserving and I was happy for them.

There is one more chance for me to make my Madsen dreams come true. A Linky contest. I just have to put a button of theirs on my blog (it’s on my sidebar) and could be randomly picked in a drawing for everyone who wears this button proudly on there website. So here goes. We will see if it is in the cards for me to ride quietly in the sunset on a Madsen bike with my kids in the bucket.

Disclaimer: I have the Madsen Cycles button on my blog as an entry into a contest to win a bike, but I did not have to write about these bikes. I wanted to, They are awesome!

** Come check out my post at Mommy Moment about why I hate going shopping for myself.

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