Gardner Village Ride To A Witch

My family and I have been visiting Gardner Village for quite some time. It is quaint and festive with adorable little shops, whats not to like? During the Halloween season Gardner Village transforms into a witchy wonderland and we don’t like to miss it. So we loaded up the girls in their Halloween costumes and went a few days ago.

This year Gardner village contacted me to write a review of our experience on Ride to a Witch. They provided my family tickets and we were so excited to try it.

I have to say the tickets for ride to a witch were awesome. They were plastic cockroaches. My girls loved holding them while we waited for our turn.

We got on a trailer with hay and road to the witches secret lair.It was a beautiful day.

We then made our rounds looking at everything. Shout loved looking at the witch’s brew.

One witch even taught my girls how to disco dance. They loved it!

After we had seen everything we went on the trailer again and were taken back the beginning. where we enjoyed the rest of the fun Gardner village had to offer. The witch sculptures everywhere were so much fun to look out. My girls really enjoyed themselves. It was a fun family Halloween activity. The Ride to a Witch is only open on these certain days.

Word to the wise, it was INCREDIBLY crowded and quite tricky to get out of the parking lot. plan to get there early and hunt for a close parking space, that will help a lot.

*Gardner village provided me free tickets for this review, all Witch filled opinions are my own.

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  • whatever DeeDee Wants October 24, 2011, 7:22 AM

    We were laughing over the “tickets” my son didn’t want to turn his in.

  • Amusing Mother October 24, 2011, 10:07 AM


    Don’t do it.

    If you DO do it, write your cell phone number in magic marker on every child’s arm.

    Both arms.

  • Steph October 28, 2011, 10:37 AM

    I loved the tickets. And I also couldn’t believe how busy it was. CRAZY! But it is fun.

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