You know your a stay at home mom when….

>of course I had a bad st. Patrick’s day it started out with a bad vibe. I could just feel it would not be a stellar day. It wasn’t the worst day ever it was just one of those days where you know you don’t want to cook dinner when you get home so of course the Fam and I went to a drive thru. I know I know so not healthy and let me just say that we dot it allot less than we used too! I have definitely been better wait! why am I justifying myself? I don’t even know if your judging me! Anyways my husband starts to order and every time the fast food employee talked through the speaker there is a loud buzzing sound. What is my first thought??

Handy Manny!!!

Why did that pop into my head? well I instantly remembered a Handy Manny episode where the exact same thing happened. all the tools had to take every one’s order why Manny went to Kelly’s to get the right part to fix the speaker.

I told this to my husband like it was some amazing revelation. like knowing that information would actually help the situation. We then both cracked up laughing so hard (I really needed that kind of a laugh today) when we pulled up to the very unenthusiastic worker my husband nudged me encouraging me to share this epiphany with him ummm no thanks I’ll just share it with my 2 awesome followers and anyone else who happens by my quiet blog.
you can thank me later..

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