Wish me luck

>I was in the middle of writing a delightful post about doing my 6 year olds hair(dont worry I will post that tomarrow you will not miss out!) when my almost 9 month pregnant sister in law called me to tell me they are doing her c-section tonight instead of next week. and that she needed me to watch her 3 kids. Of course I could. I was planning on it next week anyways so that’s just a little sooner I was actually glad they were taking her early her blood pressure is high and she is MISERABLE. So tonight I will have a total of 6 kids at my house ranging in ages from 1 to 7 WISH ME LUCK!!! It should be quite a night!!!!

p.s there actual ages are (including my 3) 1,2,4,5,6,7.. Were definitly ordering pizza!

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