Why I justify

So I have a quirk. Big surprise right? everybody has one. Mine has to do with making myself feel better when I feel guilty for something I have purchased. My Husband now laughs every time I spout off why it’s okay that I bought an item, usually a really cheap item like Twenty dollars or less. You see I am not a big spender at all. Which is good because we would do not have the big budget to back that up. I hate spending a lot of money so when I do buy something that maybe wasn’t on the need to have list I always have to make an excuse.

So I had to laugh at myself yesterday. I was in traditional form. I was shopping with my mom at Nordstrom Rack when I saw the cutest Diaper bag it was a Petunia Pickle bottom like a clutch version. They are normally like $90 dollars! this one was thirty dollars. It was so ADORABLE! I held back. I have a perfectly good diaper bag. It was a no go.

So of course while at Costco later that day eyeballing the huge bucket of macadamia nut caramel clusters that would make my life complete I had this thought. “You did not buy the thirty dollar purse so of course you can buy the ten dollar vat of goodness. you still save $20 dollars for the day that you saved go ahead you deserve it.

I continued to justify when I told myself because of the cluster purchase I will not buy the king sized symphony bar I usually buy at my weekly shopping trip to Walmart for the amount of what it costs for the clusters. That would be 5 weeks people! That means the bucket of macadamia nut clusters has to last 5 weeks! Yeah that is not going to happen. I’ll have to think of some way to justify that one later!!


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  • one cluttered brain July 26, 2010, 9:10 AM

    Oh will you just listen to yourself?
    Your hubby has a job right?
    You try to horde $$ when you can…every now and then it is gOOD to reward yourself…
    go get the caramel clusters AND the diaper bag! you deserve it.

    Grab a 20 from that money tree in your backyard…

    Yeah, I wish. *sigh*

  • LeeAnn July 27, 2010, 8:27 PM

    Oh you are TOO much! :-) When I read the title of your post I was like “well, I justify too”…but I justify when I go overboard at Gymboree or something like that. Not over a DEEPLY discounted diaper bag and some candy. Go get that diaper bag! You totally deserve it.

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