Who needs sleep?

>the last couple of days have been not so great. here is why

Not Enough Sleep

4 year old waking up all night coughing her lungs out! (it’s wierd she gets so sick at night then wakes up all happy and normal in the morning) I hate nights! Her coughing makes her throw up too. so it’s the saddest thing. I feel so bad for her.

my 3 kids all share one room. it’s a good size so they are not too squished there is a bunkbed and then a crib. the problem is. is that they are all light sleepers so if one wakes up they all do! So I take my 1 year old in my room so the other two can get back to sleep. My one year old thinks it’s a party and crawls all over me. when she finally goes back to sleep her position that she falls asleep in practically knocks me off the bed. I wake up with all sorts of aches and pains that make me feel like I am eighty years old. The funny thing is Do you think any of this wakes my husband up? no way he can sleep through anything!! In his defense if I wake him up he will help me. I just can’t believe that all the noise does not wake him up naturally I definitly am jealous of his comotose way of sleeping. It seriously does not even fase him!

So hopefully this weekend I can catch up on this little thing that we all need to stay sane in our lifes. SLEEP!!!!!

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