Today I am a Domestic Diva (No, not Really)

>While there is a dumped out box of 64 crayola crayons on my kitchen floor that I have been strategically stepping over as if it were an active land mine instead of picking up. There are a few things I think I have done well today that I wanted to highlight.

1. My first grader called me from school today in her adorable voice to remind be that we had forgotten about the first grade talent show today and that I needed to bring her the poem she wrote and typed by herself. here is that poem it was done completely by her and I think it is adorable.

Dogs are cool dogs rool I like there little tails
dogs are cool dogs rool I always want them to be a feamail.

Since I like dogs and I like there tail
when I go on a walk they,l follow me on the trail

I brought it to her in rapid speed and will be attending the talent show later with my flip camera in hand. Mission accomplished

2. While wondering how I will keep my 4 year old busy while trying to get some things done like a shower that usually doesn’t happen. I made Play dough from scratch!!! I even put pink food coloring in it!! yes it only had 3 ingredients salt, water, and flour but I MADE it!!!!!! here is the picture to prove it.

I especially love how amazing it looks with the stripes of my beautifully colored tablecloth. it is quite exquisite I think, and entertained her for quite awhile.
Mission Accomplished

now we will see if I can accomplish the other million and fifty things I need to do as elegantly as I did these two tasks

I just accomplished another task that I felt was blog worthy

3. I made a nutritional lunch of grilled cheese and applesauce, and it only set the fire alarm off once. Mission accomplished

Can this day get any more successful????

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