There’s never a bad time to break into song… right?

It was late int he morning when I decided to seize the moment and go hop in the shower. I have learned that if I wait for the perfect time. it means no shower for the next decade.

My girls were playing tea party. So I got in and took a quick hot shower, got out, and was trying to find clean clothes in my room when I heard my two daughters downstairs break into song. It was not a song I had heard before. They had made it up. These were the lyrics

“Gotta hurry Gotta hurry ooooh ooooh”
“Gotta hurry gotta hurry ooooh hooooo”
“Gotta clean up this mess, before mom comes down and sees… yeah.”

I was curious about what kind of mess they had made but much more entertained by the impromptu song they had created.

I quietly sneaked down the stairs to see that the song also included choreography.

They saw me, exchanged glances at each other and surprisingly kept singing there jazzy new tune. The mess was a mix between chocolate milk powder and milk. They were almost done cleaning it up and I could not help but laugh at there creativity of song and dance for there accidental mess.

Who knows, “Gotta Hurry” the musical, about 2 girls quickly cleaning up messes may be heading to Broadway in the near future.

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  • T June 28, 2010, 8:32 AM

    >hey – the fact that they were CLEANING the mess they made is enough cause for celebration – I'd be singing too "gonna faint, gonna faint – my kids must have been swapped by aliens because usually they're such inconsiderate slobs"… hmmm, needs some work on the meter…

  • One Cluttered Brain June 28, 2010, 9:31 AM

    >How funny…
    And they were actually cleaning up their mess?
    That is a grand gesture indeed!!!!

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