The Sippy Cup from HELL

>I am not kidding around people when I titled this blog. Seriously I have the worst Sippy Cup ever produced. I will now refer to it as Satan’s sippy cup

The problem with the sippy cup is the lid snaps on instead of screwing on. So let me give you this scenario. I am doing the dishes I am putting everything in my dishwasher when I grab Satan’s Sippy Cup it is half full of NASTY old milk I know that I have to snap the lid off so i hold it close to me, right up against my shirt so I can get a good angle on it. I snap the lid off and SPLAT all over me every time smelly Gross rancid milk!

Today while doing the dishes I grabbed Satan’s Sippy cup and looked it straight in the eyes. right it has no eyes so I looked it straight in the part you suck out of and said not this time!! (I just made that part up would you think I was nuts if I didn’t?)

So this time I held the cup over the sink. Now I knew it would take extra strength because I was not holding it in the previous hold. But I had a goal to not have a smelly shirt. SO I snapped off the lid with all my strength. This time it didn’t go on my shirt it went EVERYWHERE! All over the microwave, all over the counter and the floor and still a huge splotch on my shirt.

Don’t let it’s cute little size fool you!

Some day I will conquer this thing called Motherhood, actually I prefer not to I would’nt have anything to blog about if that ever happened!

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