The Lucky ponytail

>Here is the hair post I mentioned I was going to post before having 6 children at my tiny 2 bedroom one bath condo overnight.

So My 6 year old daughter is a very deep thinker. A couple of weeks ago during our normal routine of getting her ready for school I asked her what she wanted me to do with her hair. There is not too many choices in that category I am not that great at doing hair. I should be with having 3 daughters but I am not, anyways back to the story. She told me that she wanted me to do her hair in a ponytail because every time I do her hair that way something good happens. She called it her Lucky ponytail. She went on to tell me that on one such occasion when her hair was in a ponytail her name got pulled out of a drawing for an orange ruler. and on another day her teacher only gave the class one worksheet.

I thought this was pretty clever and decided that my lucky thing would be wearing pajamas all day and no makeup. But that’s only if you consider changing diapers doing laundry and the dishes lucky things.

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