The Dress Debate

>Yesterday I had my 3 girly girls wear there Easter dresses to church. they all matched right down to the socks and shoes! You probably think this was my doing.

It wasn’t

My Mother In law took over Easter dress duty this year as she does every year and I LOVE it!!! I did not always feel this way though. when I was a new mom (so that means about 6 years ago). I had this new mom philosophy that I had to pick out the dress and that if I didn’t I was missing out on somthing (I don’t know what exactly). now I realize how wrong I was..

as you know that stuff is crazy expensive especially when you times it by 3. It’s also so hard to coordinate everything in 3 sizes. It is very hard to find the same pattern to fit each child.

My girls looked adorable and my mother in law loved doing it. and I so appreciated the help!

It’s crazy how many things I do differently now then when I was a new Mom.

Thank Goodness

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