The day I was Fooled by Sesame Street

I have a project I am working on this week so I thought I would recycle an older post! I will call it a Vintage post. that makes it sound cooler lol Hope you enjoy!

Previously posted Feb 15th 2010

A few months ago I had one of those lounge around the house days where I do a little something here and there but not really too much to even comment on while I try recover from another night of my baby not sleeping! So I was laying on the couch watching a rousing episode of the one the only sesame street. I have always been a fan. I was watching my 2 year old niece who also loves the street as I call it (Actually I never have called it that in my whole life but it sounds cool right?)

Anyhow, The plot went like this. (read slowly so you don’t get lost) Big bird was outside by his house talking to his friends and would mention something about it being cold. as soon as that happened this guy would appear he kind of looked like a member of the back street boys or some old school boy band maybe he was anyways he would then rap to big bird about a new habitat he should buy and they would magically appear there because this guy had real estate magic (Obviously) so big bird would say no and then a minute later would then mention the cold and back would come the back street boy guy to rap about some other habitat.

So the last one the dude took him too was the rain forest. and big bird said. OK, I would like to live there I am in. so he was packing his things and I was like Seriously???? This wasn’t on the news. Big bird is leaving?? No more big bird?!? And everyone was like no big bird stay and he was really leaving! I along with all the other 2 year olds probably were convinced of Big birds departure maybe he had had a contract dispute for all I knew) Well as in fact as you can guess (Because you are smarter than me) Big Bird decided to stay. he realized his friends could not come visit him at the rain forest DUH. So there you have it that is how I was fooled by sesame street. Pretty pathetic I know.

I am going to say that the current bout of insomnia caused by my baby had something to do with this insanity that struck me. Lets hope so…

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