Thankyou card Thursday

So I know a lot of people do thank you type stuff on Thursdays I wanted to do one as well, First some back story

I have never been good at Thank you cards I know that some people probably think that is as bad as one of the 7 deadly sins. But hey I am being honest. to defend myself a little I am really good at genuinely vocalizing my thank you’s when getting gifts and give very good thank you hugs.

When I say I am bad at writing thank you cards It really means I never have written them. Not for my Wedding, Not for baby showers. yes I am that horrible

To make up for this I thought I would write some thank you cards right here on my blog. Now I still am too lazy to address stamp and mail them but this is something, right? Names have been changed but I am sure they will know who they are there is only like 2 million billion blogs right?

Dear Billy Bob Earl family

Thank you for the rice cooker for our wedding eight years ago we got a new one about 5 years ago but I have fond memories of many meals filled with rice those first couple of years

Dear Eliza Doolittle Armstrong
Thanks so much for the adorable newborn outfit you gave my now 6 year old. She wore it once and had a blow out and could never wear it again. but still cute that one time…. thank you

Dear big grocery store (You know which one) Thank you for being so hard to find things that I feel like screaming at the top of my lungs the item I cannot locate in a very obnoxious manner aka STICKY NOTES!!!!!!

And now time for a real one

Dear women who was the parent leader for my daughters field trip group to the Zoo.
thank you for buying her a churro and paying the extra to let her ride the carousel She felt very special. And loved the special treatment I really appreciate you taking such good care of my daughter when you did not have to do those extra things.

(your probably surprised one of these is serious.. I can be sincere sometimes)

So there you have it. I now feel that the complete guilt of never writing thank you notes for any event of my entire life is gone.

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