Sweet Dreams are made of these

>have you ever been mad at someone for something they did in a dream?

First of all I have a wonderful husband. I have not yet talked about him on this blog well it’s a new blog anyways he’s a really great guy and an extremely hard worker. we have to keep a pretty tight budget (like most everybody else in this economy) but that has never bothered me

anyways we really try to talk to each other about things were going to buy and we try to communicate about finances. so get this, in my dream a couple of nights ago he had the nerve to buy me a 2 thousand dollar ring that looked almost identically like my wedding ring (Which I can’t even wear because I have not lost all my finger fat from my last pregnancy) if anyone has some good ideas to lose finger fat let me know. anyways we had this huge dream argument and I woke up still mad at him about what happened in the dream! as in make believe dream!! Isn’t that strange? yes it is.

but now that I think of it he should at least get some dream brownie points for buying me a gift.

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