St, patricks day not off to the best start

>I try to be a creative mom sometimes I really do. I bought green food coloring to add to the milk. The store only had the gel kind. Now instead of festive green milk the food coloring is sitting at the bottom of the jug looking like little green worms! so much for that idea.

Last night some of one my filling came out of my tooth. I have a dentist apt today! so not fun. I have to bring 2 of my kids with me I really hope they are good!

It is also crazy hair day at my first graders school lets hope I can be somewhat creative for that, we’ll see. She wanted me to do 2 braids and connect them on the ends and then bring them over her face like a mustache! HA I told her that might be hard to function all day like that. She is so funny. I think we will go with something else.

I know it’s just st. Patrick’s day it’s not some holiday that is supposed to be amazing or anything. I just hope I can get through it somewhat successfully.

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