school fundraisers. To do or not to do, that is the question

My oldest daughter is in the 1st grade. One thing I have learned about her personality since she started grade school is that she wants to be involved in EVERYTHING school related. I mean everything. While I think this is a good trait sometimes it gets a little difficult. One day in Kindergarten it was cowboy day we did not own any cowboy attire it was pure drama at my house until I finally found an old skirt cut it into a square and made a handkerchief for her neck she was an adorable cowgirl if I do say so myself though! This trait of hers has made me very creative at times and very stressed at times. Its’ not that I don’t know how to say no to some things it’s that she gets so enthusiastic that I want to help her. and encourage her ya know? I think School gets a little boring through out the years and I want her to keep some of this school spirit for the years that as fun as others. to help her out. Recently she brought home the dreaded school fundraiser information. Let me say this first. I like supporting the school. I know that some of the money goes to help them. I think great. I really enjoy volunteering in my daughters class and I love the teachers. there is just something about asking all your friends and neighbors to give you money in exchange for Candy bars. and another thing they get the kids all excited by telling them amazing prizes they can win. but to win just the first prize you have to sell a case of candy bars 48 bars at a dollar a bar and what the prize is. Now whats that you may ask. well it is a Gourmet scented pencil hence the name a “smencil” I am not making this up!! I mean it’s a tough time for everyone money wise. I think it’s all just a little awkward. I am also not a fan these of type parties where I usually feel obligated to buy something from a friend. Am I alone in this I wonder??? I know I sound very negative to make me sound better I will say what I do like Hallmark commercials. Puppies, Chocolate Symphony bars with Toffee (They are less than a Dollar), and Chick Flicks. The End!!

P.S. I will let you all know how many candy bars I end up buying :)

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