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>I have been wandering around this thing called the Internet. different blogs, forums all those kind of things. I love to read different things moms do and I don’t mind having different opinions. But do you ever start to feel down on yourself after awhile.

I was reading a Forums about what moms give there kids to drink. After reading more and more comments I started to feel like I should go to jail for giving my kids non watered down juice!!! Seriously! There was comment after comment about how there five year old had never even had a sip of Soda. How they only ever drink water or milk and juice is for special occasions. but never straight out of the bottle. It must be diluted with water immediately.

I thought about it for awhile and came to the conclusion. I do things different and neither way is right or wrong they are both just different. I feel my children eat healthy for the most part They love steamed vegetables and they always try new dinners I make.

But juice is normal at my house straight out of the bottle non diluted juice. it is of the fruit variety and usually 100 percent but non diluted none the less

another astonishing confession Today my Kids ate Captain Crunch cereal for breakfast it was not a special occasion. no body’s birthday no monumental event It was a Tuesday and my kids had sugar cereal.

WHEW!! That was tough!!

Here is the thing I love that we as moms can all have our own way of doing things! Also that through awesome forums and blogs we can learn from each other but I am really gonna try my hardest not to make myself feel guilty. Because Different is OK!!!!


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