Not the Answer I wanted

I like to cook for my family. it isn’t always something I have been good at. but I think I have made a lot of progress lately. I love it when my girls tell me I am a good cook and should have my own cooking show on the food channel. (yea right!)

So when I saw a recipe for there favorite in a box meal mac and cheese. I thought to myself. That will be so much better homemade. I made the sauce, it thickened perfectly with just the right amount of butter flour and milk. I added the grated cheese and finally the cooked noodles. I think cooking takes me longer than the average Joe. because it took along time to finish. A LOT longer than the box

I served it excitedly to my family. I even put bread crumbs on top. My Girls liked it ok. my 15 month old LOVED it. The response from my husband was the most surprising.

Now he is not a picky guy, and not mean at all when he does not like what I cook. He didn’t have to say anything, I could tell by his face and unfinished bowl. He liked the box version better than homemade! For reals! I mean powdered cheese and all. He usually put hot dogs in his boxed fake cheese version too YUCK. I felt a little defeated, I mean isn’t everything supposed to be better homemade? I followed the recipe perfectly. Can the box kind that I one time bought on sale at the grocery store for 33 cents really be better?

Solution: Next time I am getting out the box.

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  • T June 25, 2010, 8:26 AM

    >so much for thinking outside the box. ManOfTheHouse never has to say a word when he hates something…

    of course, look on the bright side… the box version IS faster… ManOfTheHouse insists on my homemade chili… a six hour undertaking… even for chili-dog night…

  • One Cluttered Brain June 25, 2010, 8:34 AM

    He likes the powdered version better?
    Crazy men!!!
    I would have eaten it.
    That is how I make mac N cheese.
    OUT of the box.

  • Charlotte June 25, 2010, 8:40 PM

    >I have to confess that I have tried many homemade recipes purported to be the best ever and I still prefer it out of the box. Maybe your husband and I share some fatal error in our taste buds.

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