My thoughts during Sacrament Meeting

I am so tired!

Wish my 1 year old hadn’t been throwing up half the night.

I am SOOOO Tired

Who put the McDonald’s Shrek toy in my diaper bag for today? (as it start making ninja noises that are very loud and disruptive) At least it did have an off switch that I figured out half way through the meeting.

Would it be irreverent if I let my kids play an iphone game?… on silent of course (like that would some how make it better)..

Yeah I probably shouldn’t of packed Ritz crackers as a snack. as I look over and see enough crumbs to fill a sandbox. My husband leaned over to me and whispered that he wish we had a silent vacuum to clean up our big mess.

yeah so I wasn’t really thinking of the things I should be! I’ll do better next week! I just need to some how quiet my noisy and irreverent brain!!!

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