My Husband is getting old!

Today is my Husband’s 32nd Birthday! I can gloat and gloat about him being old because I am still in my 20’s! 28 to be exact! But I guess I should be nice to him today!

For his birthday I wanted to get him something fun and unique. Their happens to be this silly game we play as a family on car rides, when were driving out and about. there is a couple of stores that have these giant fleece blankets hung up like so.

we all shout out our choice as loud as we can. My 6 year old usually chooses Betty Boop (Not pictured in this particular picture) My 4 year old picks Tinkerbell (Also not hung up the day I took the picture) and I choose the lovely Tiger blanket it is so my taste (I say that in complete jest!).My husband served a LDS Mission in Jamaica and is Partial to The Bob Marley one.

So we pulled up to one of these stores on a quest for a Bob Marley Blanket. The problem is that Bob Marley comes at quite the exspense. I was not willing to fork over what to me is a small fortune for a fleecy blanket. although the guy their did keep telling me this was truly an investment purchase! So instead I’ll say I wasn’t willing to make the investment.

Instead we decided on the Mexican Flag one (also not pictured that day, sorry about that!) My husband Teaches Spanish and I knew he would like that one as well. Which he did! It is SO soft and gigantic we can all fit underneath it!

We did get him some other gifts as well and plan on doing something fun this weekend to celebrate! It is also so not fair that his birthday is so close to fathers day.

So on this Day of my Husbands birth

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I love you!

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  • One Cluttered Brain June 16, 2010, 10:28 AM

    >HAppy birthday to living the scream's hubby! I can't remember your name Scream lady….Psst, Can you remind me again?

    *i feel like an idiot for forgetting.*

    If 32 is old, then 34 must be ancient. 'Cause that is what I am.
    Being in your 30's ROCKS!!

    I love it! It is better than your 20's by far…Can't wait for you to join me!

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