My deep Sleeping Husband.

I am getting ready to attend the CBC social tonight and I am nervous. I hardly know anyone. So I feel it is my husbands job to be my moral support, right ladies??

well he does a great job as long as he is not dozing in and out of sleep or in a coma as I like to call it (Which he is right now). I call his name to ask him a very important question like does the finger fat look bad bunched up around my wedding ring? (I had my baby over a year ago and my ring still doesn’t fit) Forget post baby fat how about post baby finger fat!! anyways He will start to answer my very crucial question, and about two words into it he starts to mumble and falls completely back asleep!!

I have never figured out how he can be such a deep sleeper. he can sleep through anything!! when my kids wake up in the middle of the night I have been known to kick him in the leg to wake him up and then pretend it wasn’t me (like who else would it be?) That doesn’t even work most of the time! lol I know I am not being to mean about this because I have heard it is quite a common thing women say about there husbands.

Well I better be off he is now awake and I am ready for the CBC10 Social!! Wish me luck!

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