Manic Morning Meltdowns!

>Can i just say that I think it is going to take me all day to recover from this mornings DRAMA filled meltdown!!!I know having three girls makes me destined for a life filled with meltdowns and diva tantrums but sometimes I am just not ready for them!

My morning kicked off at 4:30 My 11 month old started screaming her come and get me scream. I let it go on for maybe 5 minutes when my 4 year old came in after being woken up by the come and get me scream. I let her turn on the TV and watch cartoons and decided okay I guess its time to get up. shortly after that my 4 year old and baby fell back asleep. baby fell asleep in highchair 4 year old on couch! Me on other couch. when it was time to get up we were all so exhausted. owell time to get 6 year old ready for school. here’s where the major drama came into play. We could not find her boots. her pink boots that she so desperately wanted to wear the ones she just learned to tie. the ones that would make her whole existence complete. suddenly she said I didn’t love her. Suddenly she would never get to tie her pink boots again making her forget how to tie her shoes thus making the rest of her life miserable!!! we eventually made it to school just a little late and I did not loose my cool or scream which I am very proud of!! it’s over!! (for today anyways)

I know I was like this when I was a little girl and the good times with my precious girls definitely outweigh the bad times. but seriously today I just need lots of chocolate and a nap.

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