Mamma Mia

>Why is it that having kids takes so much out of you? I mean this in a good way. it is the most unselfish thing I think one can do. I know that people say having children can make you lose you identitiy and all that. but I do not believe that in any way. I think it’s an amazing feeling to put so much energy into others. My 3 girls are a huge huge part of my life. That does not bother me at all. I am constantly thinking about them. fun things we can do, there needs, making sure they are completely taken care of. It truly is the best feeling to know your doing that job of being a mom. I do take care of myself with the occasional shower or makeup application!It is hard to find the time to do things for me. But so worth it. my four year old often asks me what I am going to be when I grow up her answers very from cheerleader, animal doctor, and I just asked her again and she said Dog owner. (so funny) I tell her that I am grownup and have the best job ever, her mom.

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