Making friends is hard to do.

I wounder if I am the only Mom who finds it hard to make friends.

There is so much that goes into it.

Do your kids get along?

Do you have a lot in common?

Is there a lot to talk about with one another?

It just seems to take so long to get to that point where you can feel like you can be yourself. I constantly over think everything I say.. Did I offend that person when I talked about my 1 year olds poop habits for two hours straight? Does the person think I am gross because I said I had been too busy to shower in the last week? ( I must admit these are exaggerations but would you be my friend if they weren’t?) lol kidding again.

I just think it’s very complicated and exhausting.

Maybe I’ll just go check out, “making mom friends for dummies” at the library today.

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