Lost time

>there are few things I look forward to with as much anticipation as I do Tuesday nights. Whats so special about Tuesday night? you may ask. It’s just a little show called Lost. it started during season 3 when I would occasionally turn it on and go huh? well after having going back and watching every episode not missing one I still go huh? maybe that is what i like about it. The uncertainty the creativity. maybe I just like it because for one hour my brain isn’t thinking about the norm. It’s thinking about black smoke monsters and characters that I have learned to love.

This season has been pretty mind boggling. and entertaining. There is just something about letting your mind get caught up in fiction at it’s best.

So every Tuesday my husband and I use our trusty dvr to record the one hour goodness so we can watch it after we put the girly girls to bed. I anticipate watching this all week I even make sure we have treats. anyways this is embarrassing to admit but a few weeks ago the DVR went haywire I went to push play for my precious Lost episode and American Idol appeared instead of lost!! it said lost I kept screaming to my husband why didn’t it record?? Before I knew what was happening tears started to form Tears!!! over a T.V Show!! whats wrong with me?? I am not pregnant it wasn’t even my time of the month. I think it is just something I love so much that I was devastated. You may think that’s crazy but I have three very young trauma drama daughters who on some days drain everything out of me. (I love them dearly though, obviously) :)

I only had to wait one day to watch the new episode online. But it just wasn’t the same. so tonight I will double and triple check my dvr to make sure I can have my happy hour long moment with Lost. Wish me luck.

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