Lost and Loopy

my kids have been sleeping pretty good lately my one year old had finally stopped her routine of screaming in the middle of the night and a full night rest has been possible for the last couple of weeks.

That is until last night

My husband and I stayed up super late watching the highly anticipated LOST Finale (loved it but I am confused) I even made no bake chocolate peanut butter oatmeal cookies But renamed them several different Lost esque names (My favorites were Smoke monster surprises, Hurlytastics, and polar pear poop lol) so when we finally went to bed about midnight I was SUPER tired. fast forward 3 hours and 30 minutes. I hear my 4 year old screaming which wakes up my one year old, which woke up my 6 year (Can you say domino Effect?)

When this happens it seriously hits me like a slap in the face I go from sleeping bliss to feeling like someone mentally threw a bucket of ice water on my brain!

My 4 year old then starts requesting cartoons and milk immediately. No is obviously the answer. when she wakes up like this she is an emotional wreck. Nothing can stop her ear piercing shrieks There is a HUGE pile of laundry on the floor that she heaps her cute body onto. I figure that if my luck had it she would fall sleep on the makeshift bed of clothes and just stop. Well that doesn’t happen. Finally she realizes she is not getting her way and climbs into bed with us. (we hate this but we are exausted, it’s better than screaming)

AT this point 1 year old is still crying in her crib 6 year old can’t stand noise any longer and comes to also join us in our TINY queen sized bed.

5 minutes later Everyone is almost asleep and cozy except me. 1 year old fell back asleep in crib everyone one else in our bed. I am squished and smushed there is no room for me. I am wide awake.

Since my kids are shorter than me I decide to sleep the opposite way with my feet by there heads. I don’t have an extra pillow. But at this point I don’t care, Sleep is the goal that’s all I can think of.

so yes obviously Not much sleep was had.

Goals for today… try to make a dent in 3 ft high pile of laundry overtaking my room. and a clean kitchen. we can see if that will happen.

My husband took the car to work today so I have no excuse! no where to go nothing else to do. I am going to start NOW…. Well I’ll start after I check twitter, everything in my Google reader and every single post or article that will help me better understand what exactly happened on Lost!!

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