It’s December Already?

I cannot believe Christmas is so soon. This year is different and although I am enjoying family time and what not I can’t help but feel that I am on constant auto pilot only doing the necsesssites of life and nothing else.

My house is a mess. the laundry goes undone and my poor girls watch way too much TV. I know it is because of this pregnancy and that this exhaustion is only my temporary normal. I need to keep reminding myself of that.

Lately my three cuties put a smile on my face quicker than waking up in the morning causes me to throw up. They are sweet and let me rest. They are so excited for Christmas and everything it involves.

I love our simple tree and knowing it is only hand me down ornaments that are just thrown on the tree haphazardly  makes me laugh. I have never been a pro decorator. I like simplicity and it suits our family well.

Shriek’s belief in Santa Clause is still going strong. I love that she still likes dolls and toys and has not been infected by any kind of Bieber fever as of yet. I do know this could change at any moment. Hopefully not too soon.

Shout has the most dramatic expressions imaginable and loves to talk. Every day she comes home from Kindergarten excited to tell me she got another green for behavior which means good. She loves to tell me about every one else’s behavior as well and who got an owie or cried that day. She gets so proud of herself when she is done with her homework. Dot to Dots are her favorite.

Squeal loves to make everyone laugh. Between her hip hop dancing and silly faces she is a hoot. She loves to say the prayer before meals and won’t let anyone else do it. If someone else tries she then repeats everything they say as if they are really helping her pray.

I hope to get back on this horse called blogging regularly and I do have some fun things to post about soon. Hoping that the Holidays are finding you and your family well.


(I did not mean to have this sound like a holiday family newsletter but in hindsight I think it totally does, thats kind of what blogging is anyways though. A year around newsletter of all of our lives and what we are interested in. Don’t ya think?)



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  • Emmy December 5, 2011, 6:23 PM

    Hope you feel better soon- being sick and tired does make everything hard. Christmas while the kids still believe is so fun

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