I am a big fan of Chickflix… I mean netflix

>About a month ago my husband and I signed up for netflix we were super excited to get alot of movies. He signed up for the movies he wanted I didn’t mind so much that he chose the movies no big deal. So star trek came I really liked it. but then I started to think of movies I wanted to put on the queue as they call it. I got into the account and switched it all around right away. I wasn’t trying to hog it up. but before I knew it, it was filled with Chick flicks. There were all these movies I wanted to see because lets face it my husband and I don’t go out much. with having three kids and all I really just couldn’t help myself! Anyways 500 days of summer came in the mail next. I really like that movie. My husband? not so much, too depressing he says he hated how mean the girl was to the guy I love that actress Zooey Duchenel (Sp?) she’s so cute, next Movie was titled Adam. I loved the movie it was so good very well written and interesting. what did my husband think of this one? He fell asleep. the last one we got was 3rd choice in a row The time travelers wife. I Also enjoyed this movie not my favorite but definitely worth watching.

My husband rolls his eyes every time a movie comes now. he of course has begun calling it Chickflix instead of netflix. I know I was not being fair I will definitely have it be his turn now. of course that will be after I get Twilight and Ghosts of girlfriends past and maybe my favorite classics like Untamed heart, Cutting edge, and Beaches!!!! (I really could go on and on!!!!)

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