How Twitter lulled my daughters to sleep.

It is not mystery that I like Twitter in fact I have written about it on this very blog before right here Now I will tell you how it helped me get my daughters to sleep the other night.

My girls like to be sung to sleep. I first read them a story then sing songs until they are both asleep. It usually does not take them long at all to go to sleep but some times it does, they move around a lot and wake up if I stop singing. If it is taking a long time I get really fidgety just singing for forever so out comes the twitter App on my iphone. Has anyone tried to sing while reading tweets? It is really hard. I guess I am not a very good multitasker.

So the other night I started singing my tweets. Yes singing what people tweet, I am a lunatic. I can’t remember what tune I used maybe somewhere over the rainbow or something like that. Yeah you can all think I’m a weird mother but they fell the rest of the way asleep very quickly, probably dreaming of all the give a ways they could enter that they learned from my twitter Lullaby.

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  • Donna August 20, 2010, 7:49 AM

    I think that is a great way to sing your kids to sleep.

  • one cluttered brain August 20, 2010, 10:31 AM

    Sweet! did any of my tweets make it into your good night lullaby? LOL.
    That is a cool way to lull your kiddos to sleep!

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