here’s the deal

>I love to write. I love to speak my mind. These are things I do not do that often. I have one of those regular what do you call them? oh yeah typical mommy blogs the ones where you you put adorable melt your heat pictures of every human event possible for close friends and family to read. but what I found is that I am afraid to write anything because I think I’ll offend someone yes I know that this is my problem and I need to get over it. but i thought that if I could start a new blog where I am a little more anonymous I could freely write what I want to write which is basically whatever pops in my head. Well not whatever pops in my head but close. And here is the thing. I am not anonymous so i can bash on people or anything like that No. I am nice. I just want to write that is all.

So this is it. I will write about my kids and those kind of things because that is what i do but it will be in a more general kind of way and I definitely want to write my opinions and I love people who think about things differently than me so I would love comments as well. So we will see how this goes. Hopefully you find me intellectually interesting with a touch of sarcasm and humor because that is what I want to be.


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