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>SO I am utterly and indescribably tired! Yeah I guess that’s what happens when there is 6 kids at your house and you have no idea how to put them all to bed! (I ended up singing them primary songs till they dozed off) It actually went pretty well for the most part I just have not caught up on sleep or cleaning yet but I do have a new adorable healthy niece which means another cute cousin for my girls to play with.

I seriously don’t think there are many things more special than a brand new baby

I know I mentioned I would post a wonderful story about my daughters hair. I will but I think right now I am in the mood for random thoughts.

I really wish the weekends would go by slower. They speed by with such intensity that I barely can remember what filled the time.

Why is it that every time I sit down to blog. everyone needs something!!

and last but not least I seriously can barely remember the last time I actually got ready for the day like makeup, nice clothes hair done. It is so rare these days I think I would get into the twenties if I counted all the kid stains on my jeans right now.

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