Grocery Store Gripes

Just got back from the grocery store. I have to say if anything can put me in a bad mood it is trying to get all my grocery shopping done with 2 screaming kids. Here are some of the highlights.

Waiting 20 minutes at the pharmacy before finding out my prescription is not ready.

having my 1 year old scream and cry for almost the whole time and then finding a sample for donut holes AFTER I am done shopping.

Pushing one of those giant carts with the Blue seats in front of the cart. They are impossible to move and steer. So when someone needs you to move it is the most difficult thing and no one gets that and AAAARGH it’s frustrating.

Here are 2 things I used to think were weird and tacky while grocery shopping. Not only do I don’t think they are weird anymore I do them almost each and every time I grocery shop!!

1. People who open up food in the store and give it to there child before checking out. This is a must! There is food everywhere I think there is nothing wrong with tearing open a pack of Dora fruit snacks to occupy your kids while you shop. (as long as you buy them at the end lol ) This is about Survival!!!

2. People who would argue to the cashier about something being a tiny bit cheaper than what it rung up to be.. I now understand how fast nickels and cents add up to dollars! Every penny you save counts!!!

With the grocery shopping done I can now focus on the awesome weekend I am going to have at the Casual Blogging Conference!!!! I am so excited!!

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