Fun Activities for Kids

If you are looking for fun activities for kids I have a really good one. it is also free!! Back in the day (which means maybe 3 years ago) I wanted fun things to do with my kids. I bought passes to different kid friendly places like , Museums, the Zoo. places like that. As I am accumulating more children and not a lot of funds in the bank I am learning how to be a little more creative and frugal (Cheap) in this department.

The other day my husband needed to return some shirts at a store. My girls moaned and groaned at the thought of coming on this boring errand. I remembered a magical place that was next door to the store my husband needed to go to.


Seriously my kids love this place as much as the Zoo. Dogs can roam aisles, Fish, hamsters, turtles, and birds are a plenty! My girls jumped for joy as if we were going to take them to Disneyland. We have no pets. We do not go to Petsmart to shop. We go to observe animals in there umm unnatural habitat. (ugly plastic cages)

As we walked up to the store there was this older couple that was sitting in front of the store like camped out. There was a table next to them I don’t know why, anyways they had these gigantic freakishly tall dogs with them. those racing dogs. Great Danes I think. You would have thought they were bears (which goes well with my Petsmart being as fun as the Zoo analogy) Shout was pretty freaked out. I don’t know what was scarier the great Danes or the owner of the dogs talking to my girls in a duck voice.

As we walked in my girls decided we needed to see the fish first. Squeal (my one year old) Loved staring at the moving creatures in the tank. but she mostly wanted to wiggle out of my arms and explore. They also loved the hamsters and guinea piggies as they called them. next comes the unavoidable queries. “can we get one?” definite no on that one. A Dog, yes once we are out of our tiny condo and have an actual yard. We want a Pug and my girls would name her Lou Lou. It gets pretty specific at our house.

After looking at cat’s, dog’s being groomed and trained, and the cute area they have for the dog sitting which is made to look like a hotel. It was time for our exciting journey to end.

My girls seriously LOVE going to Petsmart. As strange as it may sound it is really one of my favorite free activity to do with my kids!”>Water Sports Links Directory on the page you specify here.

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  • Linda July 12, 2010, 11:30 AM

    I tell my kids that Petsmart is the Zoo. So sad that the lions are always in the back getting fed and we never see them!

  • T July 12, 2010, 12:29 PM

    you AND Linda are cracking me up… of course, I live about 4 minutes from PetSmart and about 4 hours from the nearest Zoo… guess which is on my list for the week? Great idea…

    Only I have to remember to take my allergy medicine first. and you wonder why we don’t have animals?

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