Do not Blog and Eat

>I have a huge bowl and a huge jar that I filled with all the Easter candy my kids got from there grandma’s. Whenever there is a holiday where my kids get lots of treats I put it out in the open so we eat it. It disappears FAST and then it’s gone! Yes they eat alot of sugar but it goes fast then we don;t have it anymore. I find if I spread it out and give them a piece a day we will have it for forever. and also if I leave it out we eat all the good stuff quickly and then I usually chuck the rejects about a week later.

I had my computer on my kitchen table and was doing my normal blogging and Internet stuff and this is what was an arm reach away.

I ate almost an entire Ziploc baggy full of those little chocolate eggs with the hard candy shell. The worst part is I barely realized it!!! It was like an automatic motion my arm went through each time I was done eating a candy. as if I had stopped thinking completely.

Pushing the candy away would’ve been just too easy. I think I am pretty heroic actually because if you think about it I am just eating most of the candy so my kids won’t eat as much of it! :) (Yeah right)

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