>I had a great mothers day filled with cute presents from my girls. and even a nap. Gotta love mothers day.

What wasn’t great is no surprise. Because it happens every Sunday. no matter what time church starts it is so hard to get out the door and to get everyone ready on time. Our family of 5 might as well be a family of 50. It really feels that way!

Also my girls just can’t sit still for that first hour. I made it worse though. During the opening prayer I saw a ladybug crawling on my husbands shirt. You have to know this about me and my girls, when I see something like puppies or puppies wearing sweaters or.. yeah it’s usually for puppies. I have to let them know real quick or the opportunity passes like we drive by it or something like that anyways tears have been shed. you might ask me why do you let them know at all if they might miss it? well it’s a habit. So out of total reflex I nudged my 6 year old so she could see the lady bug. Bad idea (Obviously) The lady bug starts flying upward in the chapel and she starts talking really loud and pointing up to this ladybug while the Prayer is still going on.

Who says it’s always the kids who are irreverent. I really need to work on being better!!

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