Cleaning Games for Kids

So after I posted about my daughters rarely cleaned room I decided to jump into action and make it better. I wanted my girls to help. Which means I needed to think of some cleaning games for kids to make it more enjoyable. I notice that when I make it a little more enjoyable they help me better and it ends up being quality time with my girls. but each time it get’s harder to come up with a game. So here are two that work out pretty well for us

Cleaning Games for Kids

Luckily my daughter made up this game that actually got us making tons progress on there messy room. We did not get it completely clean. that will be a work in progress. But it looks much better. Her game was to pretend we are robots with robot voices and moves to go with. The funny part is my little robots would run out of Batteries. I must turn a pretend knob on there backs to give them more energy.

In my game we pretend that we are Hannah Montana’s Or Taylor Swifts maids and my girls room is actually the superstars houses. We have to quickly clean it before they get back from a date with one of the Jonas brothers or a sold out concert. This works great and usually we end up laughing and giggling the whole time while we clean.

What can I say I love making a fool out of my self with my girls, while also getting some much needed cleaning done!

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  • Sandy S July 10, 2010, 7:47 AM

    Oh my goodness, this is a riot! I love it. My son turns into a puppy, frog, robot, whatever on a regular basis…I’ll have to try the robot thing when it’s time to clean though, he usually decides his legs don’t work anymore and he needs to sleep when he hears the words “clean up”!

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