Charity has no Boundries

>When I found out I was pregnant with my third child, there was a lot of stress attached. My husband and I had just moved 1600 miles to Texas; away from all of our family in Utah. My husband had been recruited to teach at a junior high just outside of Houston. We knew it was right for us, so we moved. Our stuff hadn’t even arrived at our new apartment, so we were sleeping on air mattresses When I took the pregnancy test I had bought the day before, the test was positive. I was really excited. We wanted to get pregnant and I was happy, but at the same time I was so worried; going through this whole journey with no relatives close by to help me out. What was I going to do and how would I make everything work?

The pregnancy went well. I was tired a lot, but my two older daughters started playing really well together, so that and sprout on t.v helped me tons! The part I was so nervous about from the very start about this pregnancy was what I would do with my 2 girls when I went into labor. Would my husband be able to be in the delivery room with me? or would he have to be watching our kids? My Mom was planning on flying out to help but I had a hunch she would not make it in time and guess what she didn’t. Thank goodness I had an amazing and inspired Home teacher. A Home teacher in my church (the church of Jesus Christ of Latter day saints) is two men from the ward who are partnered up and assigned to some families that they visit each month to share a religious message. They help you out if you ever may need it. A couple of weeks before I was due I had talked to various people who offered to help. My Home Teacher’s wife was so sincere and although I did not know her well, I had a really good feeling that if I should go into labor, my children would be happy and very well taken care of in her care.

The Sunday before I was to be induced, was particularly miserable. I went to church but barely fit into my stretched out maternity dress I was so done! I was going to be induced two days later, so I thought I was in the clear and my mom would make it in time and be able to watch the kids. I remember going up to my Home teachers wife and saying “I think I am going to make it till Tuesday. But thank you so much for offering to help.”

I waddled to the car and back to our small apartment. I needed a nap. I was about to go lay down, when I felt it. My water had just broke!! This had never happened before but it was pretty obvious what was happening. It really grossed out my girls! Of course it did. They were only three and five at the time. I yelled for my husband who was also in disbelief. He immediately called our home teacher. I had already packed the girls bags if this were to happen and had them grab them. We were on our way. My girls who are pretty shy around people they don’t know very well. They were really excited to go stay with them. When we arrived at their place, they were out there waiting for us as I remembered the conversation about not needing them only a couple of hours earlier. I honestly did not worry about my children the entire night. I felt really good about them being their.

I had the baby right after midnight. It was so wonderful to have my husband be able to be with me. I will never forget that time with just me, my husband, and my new baby daughter It was just a really nice moment. My husband went to pick the girls up in the morning. When he got there, they were having this nice breakfast and invited him to stay for breakfast (He had not eaten in forever) before taking the girls.

This wonderful family will never know how much they helped me and my family. I thanked her later with a small gift basket of things for a family movie night. She looked at me very puzzled and said “You did not have to do this. What I did was nothing.” She really meant that! I was grateful to her and her family and the wonderful thing she had done for me without even thinking about it.

My family and I were only in Texas for the remainder of the school year and are now residing back in Utah. I will never forget how charitable that Family was to us while we were there.

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