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I love being involved with so many bloggers in Utah. When I heard That Kari from Newlyweds on a Budget wanted to do a Bloggers against drunk driving campaign I thought it was a great idea. Kari was hit by a drunk driver 5 months ago while she was jogging. I cannot even imagine how scary that would be. She started B.A.D.D as a way for everyone to share our stories and to express that it is never ok to drink and drive.

I think everyone has been affected by drunk driving in one way or another. I too have my own story. Although there is no life long injuries involved with my story it is something that has affected me.

It happened four years ago. My husband and  I were living at family student housing at the University of Utah. It was our anniversary and we were headed to the anniversary Inn, (a local bed and breakfast) for the night in downtown Salt Lake city. My inlaws were watching our girls. We only had Shriek and Shout at the time. We were almost to our location when we stopped at a stoplight. The light turned green and my husband started to drive forward when I heard him say “hold on”  and try to speed up, He saw the car coming towards us right before it plowed into us..

The hit was super hard it spun our car and was quite jarring. It is so strange how these types of moments always seem like they are in slow motion. I just remember being so confused. My car was crunched quite badly and the trunk had spewed all of it’s contents on the road. Most of the items were baby items from my daughters, I had put the stuff in the trunk earlier when cleaning the car. Everyone around me including the police thought this meant we had our kids in the car and that they could be hurt. I was so glad they were not with us.

The driver who had hit us was very hard to understand he started yelling  saying we had come out of nowhere when really we had just started to go when the light had turned green. The police officer was great  and got him away from us. She told us right away they were pretty sure he was drunk and were having him do the sobriety tests.

My car was totaled but my husband and I were fine just a little shaken I really think we were lucky to not have any injuries, it could have been so much worse. I remember a few months later receiving a letter from a judge stating the driver was in fact drunk, had been to court and they were wondering if there was any bills or expensive he needed to pay us back. There was none, he had insurance and we were already paid for what my car was worth.  I just remembered thinking that it would be nice if he could take away the memory of the horrible fear and confusion that came with the accident. The fact is that he really could have if he had decided not to drive under the influence.

I really want to tell people that there are many other better solutions than driving under the influence and that it is never ever a good idea. Today if you get a chance be sure to tell people in anyway you choose to never drink and drive.

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