Being a Model citizen

>So Yesterday after the dentist (yes it hurt Thank goodness I am done) I treated myself to an afternoon of lunch and shopping with my mom (which means window shopping with the exception of buying 2 shirts for my girls) So we were at T.J maxx I really love that store. we were just walking around and this lady was eyeing my 1 year old so I turned and smiled she continued and looked at her and then said in a smooth houghty toughty voice said.

Have you ever considered putting your daughter into modeling??

It was strange and rubbed me the wrong way I just said no thank you I am not interested. It was weird. It didn’t seem sincere at all and even if it did I am just not into that kind of thing. No offense to anyone who is it’s just that this lady seemed a little shady. So about 10 minutes later I am in the dressing room trying on some shirts that all ended up being too small when I overheard these two ladies in the dressing room next to mine. one of the ladies said.

This strange woman just came up and asked if I was interested in putting my daughter in modeling.

Pretty funny. Now I did not write this story to brag about how cute my baby is It’s just that I had a feeling that this lady was doing it to every child she saw… Which she was.
It was very interesting to say the least.

I do myself happen to think my little girl is a cutie but I could be a tad Bias

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