Another lack of sleep post! but it’s a lot more entertaining.

>My Kids are still not sleeping they have had that horrible hacking cough thing going on. Then last night my 4 year old screamed about ear pain all night (We are going to the Doctor this morning!) Anyways I have been bringing my 1 year old in bed with us. Which is really not the best idea if we want to actually ya know SLEEP but I have had no choice! the worst part is is that I had just gotten her sleeping through the night a couple of months ago! so now I have to start the whole grueling process over again once she is not sick.

My one year old does this thing when she sleeps with us she sits up exhausted then just plops back down where ever she may land and falls back asleep. every time she moves it waked me up so I was on like maybe 2 hours of sleep when she did this and landed in the crevice of my NECK! My Neck people!!! Do you think I moved her??? No way! She was actually sleeping this way. So here I am laying flat on my back with my baby’s head asleep on my neck and her little body protruding to the side. It felt like I was wearing a neck brace! Who knew my one year old could double as one? That might be handy to know down the road.

So my husband wakes up to get ready for work and looks at us. What a sight we were I am sure. he then says to me with a smirk, That looks comfortable. I wanted to say Oh yes don;t you know this is the latest way to sleep, my back will be perfectly aligned when I get up. I did this on purpose! but instead I just said barely awake. Yeah. because I could barely move my jaw! He leaned over to kiss me goodbye. That was really awkward with a baby sleeping on my neck!!!
Yeah Being a mom just ROCKS!!!! WOOHOO!

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