A sugarlandtastic time

>This is sure to be an amazing story one that you will quote for centuries to come (Not really) But seriously it is about a cool thing that happened to me and I will spare not one detail!. I will start with some back story

I grew up in a loving family very sweet and wonderful but they instilled something in me from the very beginning of my life. a HATE for Country Music!! well country music and Barry Manilow (My brothers and I would scream at even the thought of Copa Cabanna) My Dad had awesome taste in music I grew up listening to Billy Joel, James Taylor, America to name a few. But when it came to country music it was just not something that happened at my house.

fast forward years later when I met my very cute husband who happened to like country music (Oh the nerve) I would tease him relentlessly and shudder in my non cowboy boots every time the station would go to anything remotely twangy. I kept that up for a couple of years. When I suddenly started to notice a few songs that I actually started to like I could not believe I was turning into someone who might like a few country songs!

One impaticular that I remember hearing and loving immediately Was a little song called “Baby girl” By the artists none other than Sugarland. This few songs quickly turned to many songs! I would even find myself listening to a country music station every once in while. Then it happened. We moved to Texas! It was inevitable people! I LOVE COUNTRY MUSIC!! We have since moved back from Texas to Utah and that love for Country music has not weakened, despite mild teasing from my brothers and Dad.

fast forward to last Thursday (That does not make sense I guess I should say rewind) who knows anyways. While waiting for my Husband to get out of work I heard on the radio they were giving tickets away to see Sugarland my FAVORITE country band! I started dialing furiously ( I needed to be caller number 93 so this dialing went on for some time) My Husband got into the car I was still dialing I moved into the passenger seat so I could keep dialing. I was caller 70 “Keep Calling” My Daughter yelled from the back seat. I was close to giving up I had called like 30 times and I really just wanted to be done. but I kept trying just for the fun of it. (This story is really getting over dramatic!) Here is what happened next. I heard the line ringing I was getting excited but never thought I would win. Then I heard the voice “Your the winner!!” the DJ said!!! I was freaking out!!!! this was big for me. We could never have bought tickets that just wasn’t in the budget this month so I was ecstatic. I also won tickets for the Sound check party which meant that about 4 hours before the show my husband and I got to go into the arena with only 20 other people and watch them rehearse! we were like 20 feet from them!!! It was fun they were so down to earth and awesome! The concert was great!! Our seats were not amazing or anything but it did not matter. They put on an awesome show and I was in such a good mood that I did not even care when the lady next to me had me reading her text messages on her phone to her because she couldn’t see them and then continued to lay her head on my shoulder while I read a message that ended with Love ya baby (That was So weird.)

So now i am a total convert to Country music and proud of it!! (well most of the time)

I will post later about Mothers day which has also been great! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY EVERYONE!

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