A strange occurrance in my daughters room

My girls room is rarely cleaned. As of right now there closet is packed with so many toys it reaches to there knees. lets just say that we are not always the most organized family in the world and how easy is it to just shut the door and pretend it’s clean. or learn how to clean by clapping your hands like Mary Poppins. that would be awesome!!

Anyways we rarely keep toys that go together. puzzles are always missing pieces barbies never have there shows on. you get the point. What strikes me as very strange is there is one item in my girls room that never looses it’s tiny accessory. I think i bought this item for them for Christmas 3 or 4 years ago it is a barbie ATM bank. Your put the money in the slots and barbie says things like. “Were saving for a new pair of shoes”. or “I just flunked Biology lets buy a party dress with your hard earned money”. (okay the last one was made up) anyways in the 3 or 4 year having this toy we have never lost track of the Barbie ATM card! and no it doesn’t go inside it or anything. it is just something that has stuck together all these years.

A very strange phenomenon. What will it be next. A Mr potato head that actually has enough pieces to make a complete face?

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  • T June 30, 2010, 10:37 AM

    hey – if you ever need spare Mr Potato head pieces I’ve got PLENTY around here!

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