a One Car state of mind.

My husband and I only have one car It’s a minivan. We have got a pretty good schedule going on, he takes the bus in the morning and I have the car all day for taking the kids to school and so on and then we pick him up after work.

Well for the next couple of weeks he is working some different jobs and needed the car. So I feel completely stranded and isolated but It really is just my attitude. I know it. Because on most days I don’t even use the car. But just knowing it is out there ready to jump into action (Like an emergency trip for ice cream) if I need it makes me feel better.

it’s amazing how your attitude on things can control your day and mood so much!

I am also learning that I am incredibly out of shape! because my husband has the car I walked my daughter to school today. it is not very far, it takes about 15 minutes. I was seriously huffing and puffing the whole way!! Yes I am pushing a stroller with a 1 year old and a 4 year old on the bumpiest side walks that feel like an ancient roller coater bumping along on the tracks (For Utah people it felt like the white roller coaster at lagoon) but that is no excuse.

Right now my kids are crawling all over me on the couch. ya think that’s a hint to pay attention to them and stop blogging?? Yeah… me too :)

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