a little “Cheesy”

>One thing I love about the cable I have is the blue rectangle at the box at the bottom that tells me the programs name before the picture comes up so in a split second I can decide weather I want to watch it. I am a channel scanner and yes it drives my husband crazy. but they way he does it is worse in my opinion he stays on the channel untill I get really interested in the plot and then changes it without any warning!

While I have been scanning the channels I sometimes come across a program entitled Cheese Slices, Every time I see it it both cracks me up and intrigues me at the same time. I think of myself having this conversation with my husband
” Sweetie don’t forget to record Cheese slices I just can’t miss it this week. Or I think of it like at the beginning they are recapping the last episode Just like they do on Lost think of that voice that is all low and smooth “Previously on cheese slices” I have never actually watched an episode of cheese slices so this is all speculation of course!

I don’t know why it amuses me so much but and on days when we my girls and I sleep in, are 30 minutes late for school, and I am already tired and it’s only 11:00 I am glad that something does!

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