A Lesson learned from the Library

>My girls LOVE the library they love picking out there own books and they get so excited to check them out and bring them home.

we recently got back into going to the library the reason we stopped was that SOMEONE (that means my husband) racked up a GIANT ( that means more than $99 less than $101) Bill from not returning books we finally paid the fine but I was nervous about it happening again so we took a library sabbatical.

We are more organized now and have special bag to keep the books in and are dedicated to returning the books in on time so back to the library we went.

My kids get very excited when we take them to the library. they usually pick a bunch of choices and narrow it down until they have found the perfect selection.

so about a week ago my girls both picked books that they wanted and checked them out. On the way home I needed to grab something at the store so I ran in while my family waited for me. My oldest loves to read she started her book in the back seat. when I got back she was sobbing in er seat. I looked to my husband wondering what was wrong. She had picked a book with a picture of a really cute dog on the cover the title was, “Saying goodbye to Lulu” I thought nothing of it when she showed me the book before she checked it out. But when I saw her tears and her book opened It dawned on me that the book was about a dos who died! While I do not shield these things from My kids I wouldn’t of chose her to read something by herself in the back of our minivan and get all sad about it. We don’t have a dog, we live in a tiny condo but we plan to get one when we eventually buy a house. my daughter was screaming now. “I don’t want to get a dog anymore it will die!!” (Sob sob sob) I explained it the best I could and how we believe that we would see the dog again.

Lets just say that was not the funnest trip to the library!!!!

Then to top it off we went to a ward fundraiser activity the next day, they had a bunch of books on sale. My daughter Chose Charlotte’s web another sad one!! My husband said we should have her watch Old Yeller and Marley and me as well! (kidding of course)

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