a Dream is not a wish your heart makes!

>So I blogged a while ago about a dream that I woke up mad at my husband for here But I had a new one two nights ago that really takes the cake!!!

SO My dream was like a reality TV show gone horribly wrong! My husband had decided to leave me. Without any explanation he just wanted to go away . I was so devastated It really felt like it was happening!! I hate how emotions feel so real in dreams!!! anyways to any Gilmore girl fans out there the “Other woman” Was Rory’s Friend Paris. (Weird right?) I have know idea why she was in the dream why I do like to watch reruns of the Gilmore girls it is not something I have seen in a while. anyways There was so much drama in the dream!

At the end I was asked to plead my case on a stage in front of everyone I knew telling my husband not to leave me!! It was so awful! I woke up with this horrible feeling still inside me, turned over to see my husband waking up for work. Knowing he would never do such a thing it really was just a bad dream I told him about it. he comforted me and I couldn’t help but see a little smile on his face. The dream was pretty absurd after all. When I think back to it now it makes me laugh it was really strange. Why do dreams conjure up such raw real feelings inside!!! I really don’t get it!

Side note: I am not one to dissect my dreams I am having no marriage problems lol I just thought I would share my bad dream with all of you. :)

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