A Declaration to the world

I am sure you are wondering what my declaration is. the waiting is killing you so here goes.

I Like To Save Money!!

Yes I know this is not a common guilty pleasure in these times actually there is no guilt involved. I have always liked to save money. My mom taught me at a early age. that you could buy nice things for less money if you were patient. The way I learned to shop was to put things in my cart that I wanted. that maybe I would buy, then when I am done and I am making my slow way to the cashier i begin emptying out the things I don;t want anymore or don;t really need. so I end up spending a little amount. now if your still thinking about something you put back say a couple days later you could always go back and buy it. If it was gone then you made yourself feel better about that money that you saved.

I know right now everyone wants to save money I think it’s kind of pleasant that it has become “Chic to be Cheap” That it’s a cool thing to get more bang for your buck. When I was in elementary when jeans were very popular they were something my family could not afford. But I had a pair. My mom found a pair at a thrift store. i was SO proud of those jeans I wore them ALL the time I became ridiculed with clever rhymes such as “You live in your jeans” kids can be so cruel :)

Now I am in no way an expert in saving money by any means lately I have been lazy. because it takes effort but recently I decided to turn over a new leaf during my grocery shopping. Today I worked really hard to save money at the grocery store I got all the ads from the local grocery store and went to the infamous Walmart where they Price match! I price matched like 16 items I was very excited to see how much money I had saved. I came home and calculated it. I spent a total of ninety eight dollars and saved twenty three dollars and sixty three cents! While I know that isn’t a huge number it made me satisfied and made me keep wanting to save money by putting in the extra work (and it is work) to save on my grocery bill. we will see how it lasts.

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